Libish Varghese Jacob

Hi, my name is Libish Varghese Jacob and I am basically from a small but beautiful southern state of India called Kerala. I am a husband and a father. I am basically a software engineer, primarily focused on Microsoft technologies. I also have interest in the open source alternative of the Microsoft provided solutions. I started my career officially on 2nd of June 2008. I started with a startup and I was exposed to many different languages and technologies and later settled with .Net.
Blogging was not my passion until I realize that my memory is not as good as what I think. I realized that we must keep a log of what we do for future reference. During the course I also realized that there are many who could benefit out of your log and I thought of starting a blog. I also realized that spamming the information world will do no good but to create chaos. With this in mind, I thought to keep a log of what I cannot find easily from the information world. My blog may contain a sort of replica which you may find in the information world but it could be because I had a hiccup while implementing it and I just want to put everything in order so that we have a smooth ride the next time.
I am not among the best programmers and through this platform I do not recommend any best practices but on “How did I do it”. I am open to any suggestion on improvement preferably via the comment system so that it could then be referred by those who refer to it.