How to disable a keyboard shortcut handler in wpf


WPF Controls like DataGrid have default shortcut keys. For example, if you try to select any row and press Delete button then the grid row will be deleted. This is the default behavior. We can disable it in WPF the MVVM way by using InputBindings. InputBindings represents a binding between an input gesture and a command.

How did I do it:

Here we will see how to disable default keyboard shortcut in DataGrid.

<datagrid itemssource="{Binding Values}">
    <keybinding command="{Binding NotACommand}" key="Delete" modifiers="Control"></keybinding>

And in your viewmodel, the command NotACommand will look like this.

internal class MainWindowViewModel {
  public ICommand NotACommand  {
    get {
      return ApplicationCommands.NotACommand;

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